About Us

We are technical leaders who have built industry-scale products. We've helped teams ship hundreds of projects, some handling hundreds of thousands of requests per second. We've worked in high-growth startups and mature corporate environments, and we know how to adapt solutions based on context.

We are passionate about crafting scalable products, and enabling teams to ship and iterate.

We love to build software with others, and we know it only works with the right amount of process and the right kind of communication.

Founding Partners

Dylan Trotter approaches software as a social-technical problem, shaped by leading engineering teams and large initiatives at YouTube and Thumbtack.

Matt Schweitz delivers software projects by building and managing cohesive, motivated teams. He refined his approach as a technical leader at YouTube and Slack.

Our Team

We are a remote team, based primarily in Ontario and BC, Canada. Some of us have specialized skills in frontend, mobile, or backend development, but we are mostly generalists able to work across many parts of the stack.

Have a new idea or need to jumpstart a project? Work with us.

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