Product Development

We focus on building software products from scratch or helping early-stage products gain momentum by building features and infrastructure. We take an iterative approach to product development and can run projects end-to-end, often with the client acting as Product Owner. This class of work includes:

  • Build, iterate, and launch MVPs
  • Develop a full-featured, production ready v1 application
  • Create, optimize, or migrate services on/to modern cloud infrastructure
  • Prototype ideas via lightweight implementations
  • Integrate with third-party systems to buttress a product's feature set
  • Build and launch marketing web sites (with headless CMS integration)
  • Define technical and product strategy

We have extensive experience creating web services and applications, and have also run projects with native or hybrid mobile frontends. Our typical web stack employs React or React Native clients, Node/Golang/Python API servers, and PostgreSQL databases, deployed on GCP or AWS. We are highly adaptable to other technology choices.

Fractional CTO/VP Eng

In this model, our job is to seed and grow engineering best practices for your team. To do this, we use a variety of techniques based on size and state of the team. Some examples of areas for focus are below.

  • Technical strategy and implementation planning
  • Architecture and design
  • Performance and scaling
  • Mentoring and coaching for EMs and tech leads
  • Staffing, hiring, retention
  • Product development process